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250km/h+ High Speed Train between Kitchener Waterloo and Toronto by 2025 annonuced by Premier Kathleen Wyne


“I think the province recognizes that, if we’re going to compete in a global economy, investing in this kind of infrastructure – long overdue in Canada – is an important part of where we need to go.” – Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic

Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne officially announced plans for a high-speed rail that will connect Toronto to Kitchener-Waterloo by 2025 and continue all the way to Windsor by 2031.  It would include stops in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London and Chatham, and connect to Toronto Pearson International Airport.


The high speed train service will use a combination of existing track and new rail lines dedicated to the high-speed train.

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, alongside Toronto Mayor John Tory and London Mayor Matt Brown, praised the hot Kitchener Innovation District and innovation corridor between the Toronto and Kitchener cities, said he was excited for what high-speed rail will mean for Waterloo region saying “I think this kind of infrastructure announcement, quite frankly, is transformational for the region in terms of becoming a global, technology super-cluster.”

GO train service that runs every 15 minutes between Waterloo Region and Toronto is possible within five years, according to Liberal candidate Glen Murray, who was Ontario’s transportation minister until this month’s election call.

In March, Wynne announced a move to add four new GO train trips between Waterloo Region and Toronto by 2016. According to Murray, all-day service is possible just a few years after that.

“We’re going to be moving very quickly within the next two to three years after that to take the diesels off, replace them with electric trains, these three- to six-unit trains, and we’ll be running service to Kitchener, Waterloo and to the other communities along the line every 15 minutes all day,” said Glenn Murray

High-speed rail to Toronto for as low as $10


“For a lot of people it will be a $10, $20, $25 ride if they’re doing it every day. If you’re a frequent rider you pay a much lower fare, if you book early or in advance you get a lower fare and if you’re an infrequent rider who rides it once or twice a month you’re probably going to pay a higher than $40 fare,” said Glenn Murray

A proposed high-speed rail link between Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and London would see 56 trains a day, or 28 each way, with fares around $40, according to Glen Murray, Ontario’s Transportation Minister until the election call.

Glen Murray says plan is for 56 high-speed trains a day between Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto


In an exclusive interview with CBC News, Murray said the high-speed rail service can be completed within 10 years, and would cost between $2 to $3 billion, which is part of the $29-billion infrastructure fund announced by the Liberal government in their spring budget.


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